Bah Bah… What are you looking at?

For all you animal lovers and yes, sheep lovers too, may I introduce Henry to you.

Henry is from Devon and is a rather bedraggled and forlorn looking creature. I suspect by his name it is male…(wow) and it is on the look out for its young ones as we stumbled upon Henry and his lambs in February last year. Henry is one of 60 different breeds of sheep in the UK, more than any other country actually.  Do you know that you can go to SHEEP conferences all over the world and talk sheep talk forever? There are many unflattering characteristics of sheep which the bible akins humans to. Oh dear… like they get lost a lot, a bit dense, panic stricken in times of trouble etc. Oh, sheep love X Factor and Big Brother because everyone else is doing it too… huh? I don’t want to be a sheep unless there is a Good Shepherd. How about you?


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