Taking the plunge

Hello everyone.  Welcome to Jacqueline’s blog.

The reason for the name of the word press blog – pearls and swines is obvious – some photos are going to be wowzer and some just plain and others…well just naff. The main thing is HAVE A GO! Enjoy this photo – it is a photo taken way up there in the sky of the emerging sun. When you are so high up there – our problems on earth seem so small… best way of looking at things perhaps.



3 thoughts on “Taking the plunge

  1. Hi, fantastic picture taken way up there up high. The world seems a different place up there. I will follow your blog xxx

    • Thanks! It certainly was like another world up there – I guess this is how the sun emerges before anyone on earth even sees it. We get secondhand viewing after the angels. 🙂

      • The angels r watching over you god bless xxx I like to believe my dear dad is too xxxx

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